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Weewx is a great software to log and analyze the weather data of your own weather station.
I had problems with a lot of software. I’m using an Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station. The big problem is that Oregon Scientific uses a proprietary protocol, so there’s not so much software available. But weewx just works fine with it and I have all my data in a nice MySQL database. There’s only one thing I don’t like on weewx: that old web site design.
But a template for weewx is quickly created and so I did.
I wanted a new and clear design, inspired by the Google's Material Design.

But that’s not all. This design is completly responsive and looks great on every device, even on my smartphone it looks pretty awesome.
And you’re able to change the appearance. You can recompile the SASS sheets and customize the colors or add different weather radars, hyperlinks and so on…

This was my small hobby project on christmas 2014 and 2015. If you’re also using weewx and you’re looking for a great, clean and fresh template, then my Sofaskin might be the right for you.


The installation is really easy. Extract the zip-file to a new directory. You can choose a name. I named it Sofaskin.
In this directory you will find all template files and some subdirectories like css, js and so on. Important is the skin.conf file where you can change all settings.

This directory will be copied to the weewx skins directory. On my system the path is /home/weewx/skins. In this directory you should already find Ftp, Rsync and Standard.

Now you must tell weewx what skin should be used. You open the weewx.conf file. Located on my system at /home/weewx/weewx.conf. There you will find the [StdReport] section, on line 133 at my system.
In the sub section [[StandardReport]] you can give skin a value. This is the directory name of the skin you want to use. So I wrote on line 154 skin = Sofaskin. Save, reload weewx and the new skin should be used.

Please note: To prevent problems and errors you should first delete all files from the weewx web directory. You find the path under HTML_ROOT in the [StdReport] section of your weewx.conf file.
After that you copy all static files from the Sofaskin directory to this path. This means every file except the *.html.tmpl files.

Now the system is set up and should work how we want. Don't forget to change the Skin conf-file for changing the appearance of your weewx page.



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