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You can reach us on many ways, so you can choose the one best suiting to your workflow.

Of course we can also use a different communication platform, for example if you want to talk with us via video conference.

In the Rhine-Main area, Mittelhesse, Taunus and around our area, the Wetterau, we would love to meet you in person at your place as well.

event_available Currently open for new projects
We have free capacities for new projects in the next few months and could realize your ideas already in the next few weeks.
So don't wait and contact us today!

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As a modern IT company we're primarily home on the internet.

But our location is close to the internet as well - north of the biggest Internet Exchange (IXP) worldwide - between Frankfurt am Main and Gießen. There is, surrounded by Taunus, Vogelsberg and Rhön the Wetterau.

With orchards, nature reserves and forests around we have our office in Altenstadt.

You can visit us, but we also love to visit you as well. Please make an appointment for that.

Via train you can reach us from Frankfurt and Gießen (via Stockheim), the Autobahn A45 is nearby and the volcano and Limes cycling routes as well.

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