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With PentaPaper you manage your small business with ease and bring more flow to your business than ever before.

Managing customers, writing invoices, tracking expenses, individually extendable and with APIs for third party software. This and a lot more, that's only possible with PentaPaper.

PentaPaper runs as a web app on all common devices.



The special management software for creative freelancers, small creative businesses and photographers, based on PentaPaper.

Managing customers, writing invoices, tracking expenses, managing design projects and photo shoots, your inventory, the studio, ...

Everything nicely integrated in a modern UI made for creatives.



German for "Get it locally" - the easiest way to offer products and services of small, local businesses and stores on the internet and to increase your local presence.

Simply order at a local store via Gibts-vor-Ort and collect it soon after or get it delivered. There's so much you can get locally, so support your locals and get it locally.

Ideal for all kinds of local businesses - farm shops, bakeries, florists, opticians, specialized stores of all kinds, Christmas tree or asparagus seller, ...



The productive web app for notes, tasks and much more, completely in markdown.

Create and manage all kinds of notes on the easiest way. Notes, recipes, blog posts and much more, all in one place.

Manage tasks elegantly as well. Not only small todo and shopping lists, but also bigger projects, with reminders and much more.

With high data protection standards, made & hosted completely in Germany.


The first, open and modular web app platform for rapid apps development on all platforms, including backend, API and much more.

Including dashboards, notifications and countless features which are implemented in your custom project with ease.

Everything in a harmonic user interface with nature and mindfulness in mind. Therefore, Mainframe also features zen-time instead of realtime, our new concept for more productivity with flow.

The perfect base for bigger projects of all kinds.

Open Source

We encourage, create and maintain different open source software projects, like our own PHP framework "charm" or themes for the weather station software weewx.

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