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Welcome to Neoground GmbH - your reliable partner for digital innovations and tailored IT solutions.

Our name embodies our mission: "Neo" stands for the new, innovation-driven, while "Ground" symbolizes the solid foundation on which we operate. As innovation pioneers, we are creating new foundations in the digital world, with passion, dedication, and expertise.

Our headquarters are located in the heart of the economically and culturally diverse Hessen region, the Wetterau, where we offer our services from a single source. With a focus on quality and innovation, we support a wide range of companies in their digital transformation and development.

Entrepreneurial Profile

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Our business model is based on a dynamic balance between the development of our own software products and the provision of high-quality services.

As experts in AI consulting, we assist companies in elevating their IT infrastructures to the next level, enhancing their performance, and leveraging groundbreaking innovations. In an ever-evolving digital market environment, our goal is to always keep our customers at the forefront.

In this context, we also offer digital masterpieces in the area of web and app development. Our solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally robust to optimally support business objectives.

Business Model and Strategy

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-> All from one source

Our service spectrum goes far beyond classic IT consulting. With our wide range of tailor-made websites and apps, comprehensive consultations in the areas of IT security and GDPR, reliable hosting and server services, as well as customized training and workshops, we ensure that our customers are always up to date technologically and can achieve their business goals efficiently.

We believe that a versatile and well-coordinated service portfolio is the key to sustainable success and growth in the digital world.

In addition to our services, Neoground is characterized by innovative software products designed to boost productivity and enable users to fully exploit their potential. Our administration software PentaPaper is tailored to the needs of individual companies and provides an efficient tool for everyday business management. We also support the local economy with Gibts-vor-Ort (German for "get it locally"), an online shop concept that brings local shops and stores into the digital world and provides them with an effective platform for their trade.

With our note and task management software Downrich, we continue our mission to develop individual and effective solutions for the challenges of the digital everyday life. Downrich allows users to manage their tasks and notes in a clear and thus optimize their productivity. But we do not rest on our laurels. Neoground GmbH is constantly on the move and working on many other innovative ideas. Internally, we are already using a variety of further solutions that are under development and ready to conquer the market in the near future. These products demonstrate our creativity and innovative strength and underline our claim to actively shape the digital transformation.

Products and Services

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In our increasingly digitalized world, the digital space is the decisive playground for businesses of all industries and sizes. From web and app development to AI-supported consulting and optimization to comprehensive training offerings and tailor-made hosting services: Neoground GmbH offers a diverse portfolio of innovative solutions that help businesses succeed in this dynamic landscape.

Our broad range of services meets the spirit of the times. It addresses central challenges and opportunities of the digital age, such as the importance of an effective online presence, the possibilities of artificial intelligence, the importance of modern IT systems, and the growing demand for comprehensive training in these areas. In addition, our hosting offer allows companies to realize their digital projects on powerful, secure, and reliable platforms.

With our combination of innovative technology, comprehensive expertise, and a strong customer focus, we are well positioned to benefit from the diverse growth opportunities in the digital space.

Market Opportunity

->> Message from the Founder

-> Sven Reifschneider

Innovation is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. For us, it means looking beyond the horizon and constantly exploring new paths.

At Neoground, however, it's not just about technology, but also about people. We cultivate a culture of openness, inclusion, and diversity because we believe that these values form the basis for real progress and sustainable success.

With your support, we can accelerate the digital change and make a real difference together. Together we can shape the future - I invite you to be part of this exciting journey.

Message from the Founder

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-> Together into the future

Our vision for the future is clear: We want to not only be part of digital progress, but actively shape it. For this, we have many ambitious plans and ideas.

However, we need the necessary resources to put these ideas into action. With your support, we could fully exploit the enormous potential that still lies dormant in the digital world.

Our goal is to be a reliable and innovative partner in the digital transformation of companies and at the same time develop software products that make a real difference in people's lives. We invite you to be part of our mission and to invest in an exciting digital future together with us.

Future Plans and Visions
Invest in the digital future with us

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of our visionary journey. Become an early-stage investor and help us unleash the full potential of the digital world. We are looking for partners who share our passion for innovation and are ready to explore new horizons with us.

If you can imagine being part of our ambitious project, we look forward to dialogue with you. Let's identify synergies and create value for all stakeholders together. Start your investor journey with Neoground GmbH now and shape the future of the digital world.

->> Setting Digital Milestones Together

Are you facing challenges in your digital transformation and looking for the ideal partner to overcome them? Whether it's a custom website, an innovative web application, an effective landing page, or a revolutionary app – Neoground is your key to success. We also offer specialized AI consulting to optimize your business processes and unlock new growth opportunities. Our dedicated team of digital experts is ready to tackle your individual challenges and provide tailored solutions. Let us help you and explore new digital horizons together. Contact us today via email or chat – we look forward to your questions and inquiries!

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Your ideas deserve to be realized with expertise and passion. At Neoground, we possess not only the capacity but also the innovative mindset to successfully execute your projects. Whether you're looking to advance your web development, wish to develop an app, or are in search of comprehensive AI consulting – we stand ready to effectively bring your projects to fruition. Seize the opportunity to benefit from our available capacities and drive the digital transformation of your company forward. Do not hesitate, get in touch with us – together, we will turn your digital dreams into reality.