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Our Open Source Projects

Welcome to our Open Source Overview page, a dedicated space that reflects our commitment to the open-source community. Here at Neoground, we believe in the power of shared knowledge and collaboration, and that's why we proudly support and contribute to open-source projects.

Our diverse range of open-source initiatives mirrors our passion for creativity, technical excellence, and forward-thinking solutions. These projects, much like our digital product offerings, demonstrate our dedication to providing accessible, transparent, and innovative technology that meets the evolving needs of users around the world.

As you explore the grid of cards below, you'll discover the broad scope of our open-source contributions, ranging from our unique Weewx-Themes to our very own PHP framework, "charm". Each of these projects is a testament to our goal of advancing the digital landscape, fostering community collaboration, and enhancing the capabilities of users everywhere.

We invite you to delve into our open-source projects and hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us in our journey towards a more connected and empowered digital world.

NeoWX Material for weewx

-> NeoWX Material for weewx

The most versatile and modern weewx skin

NeoWX for weewx

-> NeoWX for weewx

The most advanced weewx skin of 2018

Sofaskin for weewx

-> Sofaskin for weewx

The most popular weewx skin of 2017