Neoground Projects

Discover Our Pioneering Open Source Endeavors

Welcome to the dedicated epicenter of our open-source accomplishments, an arena that mirrors Neoground's unwavering commitment to the open-source community. We firmly stand by the transformative potential of collaborative knowledge sharing, and with this conviction, we wholeheartedly support and contribute to a myriad of open-source initiatives.

Our rich tapestry of open-source projects reveals our profound passion for creativity, technological superiority, and revolutionary solutions. Each project is a clear demonstration of our pledge to offer accessible, transparent, and avant-garde technological solutions that effectively cater to the shifting requirements of global users.

Navigate through the maze of cards below to uncover our extensive range of open-source contributions, from the bespoke Weewx-Themes to our very own cutting-edge PHP framework, "charm". Each project underscores our mission to propel the digital terrain forward, nurture community collaboration, and elevate user capabilities on a global scale.

We warmly encourage you to delve into our vibrant world of open-source projects, hoping they ignite the same spark of inspiration and curiosity that fuels our journey towards a more interconnected and digitally-empowered world.


-> PHPBuilder

PHPBuilder is your ultimate tool for creating custom PHP builds. Designed for Debian and Ubuntu-based systems, it offers unparalleled flexibility, security, and efficiency in managing PHP installations. Transform your PHP setup.


-> InfinitySky

InfinitySky is an innovative all-sky camera software solution, developed for the Raspberry Pi. It turns ordinary Raspberry Pi Cams and ZWO ASI USB cameras into a window to the sky. With InfinitySky, you can regularly create impressive sky photos, daily time-lapse images, and keograms that reveal the breathtaking spectacle of sky dynamics.

Charm PHP Framework

-> Charm PHP Framework

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos of PHP web development with Charm. Unleash your inner Jedi with our high-performance, scalable framework, designed to bring a touch of intergalactic magic to your business web applications and APIs.

NeoWX Material for Weewx

-> NeoWX Material for Weewx

NeoWX Material is a cutting-edge Weewx skin that presents a visually engaging and highly customizable user interface for your weather station and its archives. It's loaded with features, such as interactive charts, wind visualization, a simplified translation system, and more.

NeoWX for weewx

-> NeoWX for weewx

NeoWX, the most advanced Weewx theme of 2018, provides a blend of design and functionality. Although not actively maintained, it remains a significant project that paved the way for the development of NeoWX Material, its successor.

Sofaskin for weewx

-> Sofaskin for weewx

Sofaskin is our first, original weewx theme built in 2017. Providing a minimalistic UI inspired by the default weewx skin and its features. This theme started our years long journey in weewx theme development.