Our company

Gude! We are Neoground.

Since now over 8 years we create websites and web apps for national and international customers — with much heart, passion and coffee.
Everything started 2015 with a small freelance business to support a few local businesses with their WordPress websites.
Over the years and with increasing competences, numerous further projects were realized by us, including own developments, which are getting ready for the market step by step.
2020 the business evolved to the Neoground GmbH (similar to Inc in the US), for more possibilities and developments than ever before.
Our services are 100% inhouse and 100% made in Hesse, Germany.

->> Sven Reifschneider

Gude! My name is Sven Reifschneider, the founder of the freelance business, founder and CEO of the Neoground GmbH.

Since countless years I'm using a lot of my lifetime for electronics and tech of all kinds. Since already 8 years I support my customers as an IT expert and develop software projects and websites.

My second big passion is photography. I'm a photographer since over 13 years, with focus on weddings, events and business related photography.

I love to connect both areas — technology and creativity — to create even better and more homogenous solutions for my customers, based on a holistic approach.

With me and my team you have a reliable partner on your side which supports you in word and deed with all your ideas on the internet.


->> For the environment

Harmony with nature is near and dear to our hearts.

As a modern IT company we need a bunch of energy. To be responsible we get our energy to 100% via green energy. Our datacenter is using green energy out of renewable sources exclusively as well. It runs completely CO2-neutral, just like our whole company.

We work as resource saving as possible, avoid unnecessary car journeys and use the possibilities of modern technology instead.


->> For the people

No matter if customer or coworker or any kind of meeting, we live openness, inclusion and diversity.

For us, every person is the same — no matter how you look or what defines you.

It's as simple as that, no excuses. We all can grow and evolve in the best possible way if we have the freedom to express ourselves in the way we want.

Bunte Rosen

->> For the region

Our region is very important to us.

It's always nice to have a contact nearby which you can meet quickly and easily. Therefore, we love to support especially local businesses in the Wetterau and around.

Special discounts for the region

For businesses of any kinds we offer not only an exceptional local service but also offer special discounts and conditions for you.

Your business is based in the Wetterau, Taunus, Main-Kinzig-Kreis or Vogelsberg? Then reach out to us and get your web project realized to an exceptional price!


->> Contact

You need a new website, have an idea for an app or need support for an existing project? We would love to help! Write us an email or chat message.

event_available Currently open for new projects
We have free capacities for new projects in the next few months and could realize your ideas already in the next few weeks.
So don't wait and contact us today!