NeoWX for weewx

The most advanced weewx skin of 2018

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This skin works fine on older versions of weewx but is not maintained anymore. We created a better, way more advanced skin. Check it out!

NeoWX Material


Fully responsive

Your weather everywhere

NeoWX is fully responsive, so it looks beautiful on all of your smartphones, tablets and computers.

Many professional details

Stunning Graphics

Wind direction and moon phases as icons. Big graphs with more details. And much more.

Stunning graphics

On one screen
Everything you need

At a glance

All information of your current weather conditions on one screen.



It's easy to change colors, fonts or the general appearance. Everything is well documented.


Web App ready

NeoWX is web app capable so you can start it on your smartphone or tablet like any other app.


Unique dashboard

With the new dashboard you have a perfect overview of your current weather conditions.


Big graphs

Weewx generates extra big graphs with a great font for best readability and precise information.


Classic summaries

NeoWX also generates the well known standardized meteorological summaries.


Much more

We will add some more features soon. Stay tuned!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install NeoWX?

First download the latest version and put it on your linux machine where weewx is running. Then install it via wee_extension : wee_extension
Edit the weewx.conf (located in most cases at /etc/weewx/weex.conf or /home/weewx/weewx.conf) section [StdReport] -> [[StandardReport]] -> skin (ca. line 149) and set skin = neowx. Restart weewx sudo service weewx stop && sudo service weewx start. You may need to wait 5 or 10 minutes until changes appear (depending on the set update interval).

How do I uninstall NeoWX?

Just use wee_extension again: wee_extension --uninstall=neowx. But you can also manually change the skin defined in weewx.conf and remove the skin/neowx directory.

How can I add a forecast?

Good forecasting is currently not possible with weewx out of the box (this has nothing to do with this skin). You can use external sources and add them manually to NeoWX. You can find many informations on the forecasting page in the weewx wiki.

Why is my almanac very short?

The big almanac is only available if you have the pyephem module installed. You can install it via pip install pyephem on the command line.

How do I add the web app to my android homescreen?

Open the webpage of your weewx installation with your installed neowx skin in chrome. Then go to the menu and tap on "Add to homescreen". You can find more detailled instructions here.

How do I add the web app to my iOS homescreen (iPhone / iPad)?

Open the webpage of your weewx installation with your installed neowx skin in safari. Then tap on the share button and tap on "Add to homescreen".

The graphs don't show any text or scale

Make sure that you have the Roboto font installed on your system. Have a look at the skin.conf at the [ImageGenerator] section starting at line 341. There you will find the paths to the used fonts. Adjust them as necessary or change the font to an existing one.

How do I translate this skin?

Just go through the skin.conf and change all text values in the "Translation" section starting at line 33. If some graphs still don't show the correct text, you might need to check your weewx.conf.

This skin works fine but is not maintained anymore. We created a better, advanced skin. Check it out!

NeoWX Material

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Download the recent release (1.2)

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