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In the dynamic landscape of web development, staying ahead with the latest technology is pivotal. PHPBuilder is Neoground GmbH's answer to the evolving needs of developers and sysadmins. It's a state-of-the-art script designed to build specific PHP versions from source, offering a modern, user-friendly solution to customize your PHP environment. Initially developed for Debian 11, PHPBuilder's versatility extends to most Debian and Ubuntu-based systems, making it a universal tool for PHP management.

==> Features <==


Tailored PHP Solutions at Your Fingertips

PHPBuilder stands out in its ability to fetch and build PHP8+ from source, including critical unit tests. It supports an extensive range of PHP extensions and offers a comprehensive environment for PHP development. The tool's functionality extends to installing built PHP versions, along with PEAR and PECL, and even allows the installation of custom extensions like redis, imagick, and mailparse. This level of customization and control is unparalleled, catering to the specific requirements of different projects.

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Streamlined Configuration and Usage

Understanding the importance of efficiency and ease of use, PHPBuilder centralizes config files under /etc/php, streamlining PHP management. It also enhances PHP-FPM support via systemd, and includes the latest version of Composer, ensuring you're equipped with all necessary tools. The user-friendly script guides you through each step, either in auto-mode for quick setups or manual mode for more controlled, step-by-step configurations.

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The Innovation Behind PHPBuilder

PHPBuilder is more than a tool; it's a reflection of Neoground GmbH's commitment to innovation and community contribution. Born from a passion for advancing technology, PHPBuilder has grown into an open-source project benefiting a wide array of developers and sysadmins. It empowers you to maximize the capabilities of PHP while maintaining complete control over your environment, making it a valuable asset for both professional and local development settings.

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Download the recent release (1.4)

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