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->> Websites & webdesign

Your idea — soon on the web!

We design, realize and maintain websites and universal web apps. With modern, harmonic design, passion for detail and everything needed for an exceptional web presence, based on current standards and innovative technologies.

The small, static info website or bigger, multilingual systems. We realize any kind of website and create an individual solution with everything you want. Since starting our business we found a great solution for all of our customers.

We create and realize individually designed PHP websites which are modularized, extandable and easily adjustable. For the user interface we use HTML, CSS (SCSS) and performant JS libraries, like preact.

For websites with much changing content, like blogs and magazines, we also realize and configure websites with WordPress.

Simply outline your idea to us, and we make you an offer. We provide basic websites on a fixed price, future changes and extensions are billed hourly by effort.

-> A selection of our work

More than text & code

We work closely with the creative studio blaues Ledersofa. Thanks to our collaboration we can provide you even better design and individual photography. You need new team photos for your new website? Or want to showlight your new products? Complement your web presence with 360° panoramas? We can add this and more seamlessly in your project.

Have a look at the blaues Ledersofa!

->> Web Apps

More than a website

Besides websites we design, realize and maintain universal web apps as well.

These are more complex web systems, like online commuinities or interactive platforms, but also a special type of apps. Thanks to software libraries like react-native and electron we can easily realize apps which work on every device. Smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs. But also in every browser, without installation.

Connections to different systems are possible as well, or an open API for 3rd party applications.

Besides apps itself we also provide everything you need in the background - the backend. Storage and statistics of the data, administration, moderation, system monitoring and much more.

You have an idea for such a project? Or want to modernize your existing platform or app? Then contact us today and get a non-binding offer.

-> A few highlights

->> Hosting, Server & Maintenance

The perfect foundation for your web project

Besides the website and web app itself you need a suiting infrastructure where it can run performant, reliable and seamlessly.

We offer tailored webspaces and servers for your project. Adjusted to a high performance and with modern hardware and a suitable software stack included. We maintain our own infrastructure and optimize it constantly. This website runs on this platform by the way.

Naturally with high data protection and GDPR-compliant. Server location is Germany exclusively. We abstain from third parties consciously and process only needed data, nothing more than that.

Besides classic webspaces for websites we also configure and maintain own servers for bigger projects.

Especially for WordPress websites we have an optimized webspace which is tailored to the needs of a modern WordPress installation. Thanks to this we can also provide an easy maintenance of your WordPress.

Of course, maintenance and support is included for out projects on our infastructure. So we can make sure that your websites or app is always comptaible and runs with the latest software. Same for WordPress installations.


By default all needed tools you can expect from a webspace are available. These are PHP8, Redis, Nginx, MariaDB, Python and many more.

You have special requirements? Simply write us and we will find a suiting solution for you.

->> Consulting & More

Your presence on the Internet

Besides a website you'll probably be present on the internet in many ways. Social media accounts, maps entries, special branch websites, ...

We support your whole presence on the internet comprehensively and optimize it with you. Looking for good content to market? Homogenous CI on social media and all websites? Interactive tour through your business? Promotion of your new app? There are many ways and possibilities to bring your idea in the world.

We're at home on the internet and are connected in many ways. So we can provide you new impulses and ideas.

We would love to help you, so soon more people than ever before heard of your idea.


->> Contact

You need a new website, have an idea for an app or need support for an existing project? We would love to help! Write us an email or chat message.

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We have free capacities for new projects in the next few months and could realize your ideas already in the next few weeks.
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