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High-performance SSD-based, Carbon-neutral, and Hosted in Germany

Looking for a reliable, powerful, and sustainable solution for hosting your website or online platform? Our tailored hosting solutions provide just that and much more. Our hosting lays the perfect foundation for modern websites and is finely tuned to meet your individual needs. Learn how we can help you maximize your online presence.

Our hosting solutions are based on high-performance SSD storage, optimized for modern PHP-based websites. This allows for optimal performance of your website, whether it was created by us or based on popular platforms such as WordPress. We provide specialized tools, like Redis, to further boost your website's performance and offer enhancements like CDN to optimally support your website.

Furthermore, we value sustainability. Our hosting is entirely carbon-neutral and conducted solely on servers in Germany. This guarantees not only a smaller ecological footprint but also adherence to strict German data protection regulations.

We offer customized hosting packages tailored to your needs and include all the necessary tools to optimally support your website. Whether you need cron jobs, emails, databases, or a dedicated server / VPS - we have the right solution for you.

With years of experience in managing server infrastructures, you can rely on us to keep your website in the best of hands. After all, the best advertisement for our hosting services is our own website - have a look around and experience firsthand how fast and reliable a website with the right hosting foundation can be.

Our hosting is not only suitable for websites but also for web apps and platforms and makes a perfect complement to our other services, such as web design or landing page creation.

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SSD stands for Solid-State Drive, a type of storage significantly faster than traditional hard drives. SSD-based hosting means that your website is hosted on these fast drives, leading to faster website load times. In our case, we exclusively use NVMe SSDs, the fastest SSDs currently available.

Redis is an open-source tool used as a database and cache. It can significantly improve website loading times by caching frequently requested data.

Carbon-neutral hosting means that all CO₂ emissions resulting from running our servers are offset by appropriate climate protection measures.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers designed to accelerate access to your website's content. It stores copies of your website on servers worldwide, allowing users to load your website faster, no matter where they are located.

Yes, we offer customized hosting packages precisely tailored to your needs. They include all the tools you need to operate your website.

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Our web design team creates appealing and user-friendly websites that perfectly represent your business and captivate your customers. We are happy to take care of every detail, from design to technical and content implementation.


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From Progressive Web Apps to custom mobile applications for Android and iOS, we develop individual and powerful apps. Our experts are also ready to create bespoke web platforms, including APIs and backend.

Landing Pages

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Achieve your marketing goals with customized landing pages that convert. We take care of everything, from creating engaging text and images to technical implementation.

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