Significant Expansions in Service Portfolio and Product Updates for Q4/23

Press • by Sven Reifschneider • 28 September 2023 • 0 comments
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Continuing with its trailblazing spirit, Neoground GmbH, your reliable partner for future-proof digital solutions, is excited to announce a comprehensive update to its service portfolio today. Guided by the vision of merging technological innovation with strategic foresight, our Wetterau-based firm announces both service enhancements and captivating updates to its range of products.

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Comprehensive Care with Neoground: Expanding the Service Portfolio

In the dynamic business environment of the digital world, there's a pressing need for flexible, scalable, and intelligent solutions. We are thrilled to enhance our service offerings through the introduction of three innovative packages:

360° Consulting

Neoground's holistic consulting approach transcends the boundaries of traditional IT consultations. From technological infrastructure to the strategic orientation of a company, every facet is covered. This integrated approach utilizing cutting-edge technology opens up new horizons for efficiency gains and competitive advantages.

Digital Strategies

In the Information Age, data-driven decision-making is the cornerstone of sustainable business success. Our experts work closely with your team to develop tailor-made digital strategies that address both current market conditions and future challenges.


As technological generalists, Neoground does not confine itself to software solutions alone. Our new hardware service includes a range of specialized products designed to meet your company's specific needs.

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Upcoming Product Innovations: More Than Just Updates

We are incredibly proud to introduce the next generation of our product line. In the coming months, additional products will reach public beta, with early access also planned.


Specifically, the public beta of our note management tool Downrich represents a milestone in intuitive digital note-taking. Characterized by a unique design focused on red pandas, Downrich will capture not just your notes but your heart as well.


The evolution of PentaPaper into a comprehensive and complete solution for small business management is taking shape. We are in the process of advancing PentaPaper to version 4.0 and updating it to modern technical standards. Our in-house Zen UI will also be integrated, as seen in our other projects. Expect many more features and a well-rounded software package, with early access coming soon.

New Additions: BadgerBoost and Pinguin

But that's not all: With BadgerBoost, we are laying the foundation for an unparalleled email and content marketing suite. Email newsletters and transactional emails can be effortlessly managed. Designed by IT-savvy people for IT experts of all kinds, it integrates seamlessly into existing websites or can be used in standalone applications.

Let's not forget Pinguin, our new metrics system. It promises unprecedented transparency and efficiency in the areas of web analytics and uptime monitoring, operating entirely in compliance with data protection laws and without active tracking of website visitors.

More information on these two projects will follow shortly.

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Revamped Corporate Section: Philosophy Meets Innovation

Our recently updated website is more than a digital showcase; it's a reflection of our corporate philosophy. Our core principles and vision are now extensively and profoundly documented. In an age where superficiality is too often confused with simplicity, Neoground offers deep insights into the complex requirements and solutions of the digital world, backed by the intellectual and rational approach that also characterizes our Founder and CEO, Sven Reifschneider.

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