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Media plays a pivotal role in measuring the pulse of our ever-changing digital world. At Neoground GmbH, we view media collaboration not just as a means of external communication, but also as a central pillar of our societal responsibility. Together, let's shape the narrative agenda of the technology industry. We are open to interviews, expert opinions, and various formats in the realms of text, audio, and video, both nationally and internationally, in German and English. Your inquiries are always welcome.

->> Our Media Philosophy

For us, the media is more than just a conduit for information; it's a dynamic space for exchange, discourse, and understanding. We value journalism as one of the most critical democratic institutions, and as such, we strive to engage transparently, authentically, and in-depth with media representatives. Whether it be expert opinions, interviews, or guest contributions in text, audio, or video — our doors are wide open.

->> We Speak Your Language

Neoground GmbH is available for press inquiries not just nationally but also internationally. Our team is proficient in both English and German, enabling us to meet a broad range of journalistic requirements and offer multifaceted perspectives on global challenges.

Our Media Philosophy
Expertise and Story Angles

->> Expertise and Story Angles

We are firmly convinced that our expertise in the areas of AI, digital transformation, and comprehensive IT consulting can make a valuable contribution to public debate. Our story angles are meticulously researched and offer a fresh take on the current challenges that technology poses to society.

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Journalistic rigor requires thorough research. Therefore, we offer a fully equipped press kit that includes essential facts, high-resolution images, and contact information. It is designed to provide you with an in-depth insight into the diversity of our projects, technologies, and visions.

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If you are interested in collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us through your preferred channel. All necessary contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. Whether you seek an expert opinion or a partner for an extensive media project, Neoground GmbH stands as a reliable and knowledgeable conversational partner.

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For those who wish to stay updated, we offer a continual chronicle of press releases. This not only includes up-to-date information about our projects and developments but also insights into broader societal and technological questions that concern us.

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The invitation stands — let's jointly reshape the narrative landscape of technology. At Neoground GmbH, you will find not just expertise but also a passionate partner for sustainable and socially relevant discourse.

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