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In the digital era, choosing the right hosting is crucial for the success of your online presence. Neoground not only offers hosting based on high-performance SSD storage but also sets new standards in sustainability and data security. Discover how our tailor-made hosting solutions not only accelerate your website or online platform but also contribute to a greener and safer digital future.

-> High-Performance SSD Hosting

Speed meets efficiency: Our hosting solutions stand for the highest performance thanks to cutting-edge SSD technology. We specially optimize our servers for PHP-based applications and offer advanced caching solutions like KeyDB (Redis) to speed up your website or platform. Furthermore, our hosting packages are equipped with expansion options such as Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to ensure optimal availability and speed of your online presence worldwide.

-> Focus on Sustainability

Green, secure, trustworthy: Our hosting is distinguished by complete CO₂ neutrality and is exclusively carried out on servers in Germany. This not only guarantees an environmentally friendly solution but also ensures the highest security standards and data protection according to German guidelines. With Neoground, you choose a hosting partner that takes both your digital performance and the environment and your data seriously.

-> Tailored Hosting Packages

Perfectly matched to your needs: We understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer individual hosting solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of your website or web app. Whether you need advanced database support, cron jobs, or dedicated resources – our offerings cover all aspects to optimally support your digital presence.

-> Expertise You Can Rely On

Years of experience for your success: Benefit from our extensive experience in managing and optimizing server infrastructures. Our team ensures that your online presence operates reliably and securely around the clock. We are proud to present our own website as a reference for the quality and reliability of our hosting – see for yourself the speed and stability we offer.

-> Ideal for Websites and Complex Platforms

Your foundation for digital growth: Whether it's a simple website, a sophisticated web app, or a complex online platform – our hosting is flexibly designed to meet all requirements and provide a solid foundation for your digital project. Additionally, our hosting services perfectly complement our other services, from web design to the development of tailor-made applications.

->> Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting on an SSD basis offers significantly higher speed compared to traditional hard drives. This results in shorter loading times for your website, improving not only the user experience but also potentially impacting your site's search engine ranking positively. Our use of NVMe SSDs, the fastest available SSD technology, ensures that your online presence operates with maximum efficiency, making your website more attractive to visitors and potentially increasing dwell time.

KeyDB (or Redis) acts as a powerful in-memory data store that reduces the execution time of data-intensive operations. By keeping frequently queried data in memory, Redis avoids repeated database queries, drastically shortening the loading time of web pages. This is particularly beneficial for dynamic websites with high traffic, as it reduces server load and ensures consistent performance even during peak load times.

Our CO₂-neutral hosting ensures that compensation is made for every CO₂ emission generated by the operation of our servers. This is achieved through investments in climate protection projects and the use of renewable energy sources, actively contributing to reducing CO₂ emissions. With this approach, you actively support environmental protection with your website and contribute to sustainability.

A CDN minimizes the distance between your website visitors and the server by caching your content on a network of globally distributed servers. This significantly accelerates loading times for users worldwide, regardless of their location. A CDN not only increases speed but also reliability of your website by distributing peak loads and reducing downtime.

Our individual hosting packages are designed to precisely respond to the specific requirements of your website or application. They include a wide range of configuration options, from storage size to database support and specific server resources. This flexibility allows us to create a hosting experience that perfectly fits your needs while providing room for growth and scaling.

You receive full control over your webspace through our user-friendly client area, allowing you to manage all aspects of your hosting yourself. From creating backups to managing databases and setting up email addresses – you're in control. Our support team is also on hand to take care of technical aspects and assist you in managing, so you can focus on what's important.

For more extensive web projects, we offer tailor-made solutions in the form of vServers or dedicated servers. These individually configurable and fully managed servers provide the necessary performance and flexibility to support even the most demanding online projects. Our full-managed service includes everything from setup to regular maintenance and security updates, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the technical side.

The security of your web projects is our top priority. We implement industry-leading security measures, including regular security audits, ongoing monitoring, and proactive threat defense, to protect your data from any threats. Our infrastructure is based on redundant systems to ensure maximum availability and operational security. With Neoground, you can rest assured that your digital presence is hosted on a secure and reliable platform.

->> Maximize Your Digital Success

In the fast-moving world of digital technologies, it's essential to not just keep pace but to stay ahead. With Neoground, it's about more than just individual solutions. Discover our holistic portfolio that advances your company in the digital realm. Our complementary services are designed to synergize and realize your digital ambitions. Let's push boundaries together.


-> Websites

Your brand, compellingly presented: Our web design experts create attractive, user-centric websites that reflect your company values and captivate visitors. We ensure a digital presence that impresses and persuades.


-> Apps

Innovation at your fingertips: Whether mobile or web apps, we develop custom applications that meet your business needs and delight your customers. Let's create solutions together that are more than just apps – they are experiences.

Landing Pages

-> Landing Pages

Maximize your conversions: Our specially designed landing pages aim to achieve your marketing goals. By combining appealing design with strategic content, we significantly increase your conversion rate.

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->> Setting Digital Milestones Together

Standing on the brink of digital transformation and looking for the ideal partner to embark on or continue this journey? Whether it's developing a tailor-made website, realizing an innovative web application, creating an impactful landing page, or implementing a revolutionary app - Neoground is your key to success. Beyond this, we offer specialized AI consulting to optimize your business processes and unlock new growth potential. Our dedicated team of digital experts is ready to bring your visions to life with customized solutions. Reach out to us via email, phone, or chat. We are eager to face your challenges and excited to explore new digital horizons together!

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