AI Innovation Mastery

Transform your business with our AI Mastery consulting

AI Innovation Mastery
Transform Your Business with Our AI Innovation Leader Consulting
Discover the full potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your business processes and decision-making. Our combination of AI, IT, and digital strategy expertise equips your company with the tools to lead in innovation and efficiency.

-> Your Path to an AI-Driven Future Starts Here

In today’s business world, it is crucial to keep up with the latest technologies. your company faces the challenge of modernizing IT infrastructure and business processes to remain competitive. Our solution, the AI Innovation Leader, offers comprehensive consulting specifically designed to elevate medium-sized businesses to the next level.

-> Challenge: The Need for Modern IT and AI Integration

Many medium-sized businesses struggle to fully utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence and modern IT infrastructure. Outdated systems and a lack of knowledge about implementing AI solutions can lead to inefficient processes and missed opportunities. It is crucial to bridge these gaps to optimize business performance and stay competitive.

-> Our Solution: Become an AI Innovation Leader

With our AI Innovation Leader solution, we offer a blend of AI and IT consulting tailored to the needs of medium-sized businesses. Through multiple meetings, we identify where AI can improve your company’s operations and provide clear implementation pathways. We focus on deploying commercial AI systems to achieve quick, simple, and cost-efficient results. With AI, you can not only optimize your processes but also transform your external presence and customer interaction, increasing your team’s productivity. AI also opens up new possibilities in marketing.

-> Features and Benefits

With our AI Innovation Leader solution for your company, we offer a unique opportunity to revolutionize business processes and take a leading position in the industry. Our fixed-price consulting includes meetings, analyses, and a comprehensive guide that serves as a strategic blueprint for the best IT and AI integration. Key benefits include:

  • check Comprehensive AI and IT Consulting: Receive detailed analysis and recommendations for integrating AI and modernizing your IT, including an implementation guide for a clear strategy.
  • check Cost-Efficient Implementation: Utilize commercial AI systems like ChatGPT to realize immediate benefits at low costs.
  • check 360° Consulting: Review not just your IT, but your entire business to fully leverage digitalization and develop a holistic strategy.
  • check SEO Optimization: Regular check-ups and optimizations according to the latest SEO and best practice guidelines.
  • check Fixed Price: Transparent and predictable, with no hidden costs. You know exactly what services you get for your budget.
Innovation Standard: The Ideal Entry into AI

-> Innovation Standard: The Ideal Entry into AI

Our standard version starts at €3,999 and offers detailed analysis and consulting to take the first steps in integrating AI into your company. This includes:

  • check Introductory Meetings: Determine your specific needs and challenges.
  • check AI Analysis: Identify areas where AI can bring the most benefit.
  • check IT Modernization: Recommendations for updating your IT infrastructure.
  • check Implementation Guide: A detailed plan for the next steps and implementation of all initiatives.
Innovation Extended: Comprehensive Consulting and Strategies

-> Innovation Extended: Comprehensive Consulting and Strategies

For businesses needing deeper integration and more comprehensive consulting, our extended version starting at €7,999 additionally offers:

  • check Advanced AI Analysis: Detailed evaluation and specific recommendations.
  • check 360° Consulting: Holistic review of your business to identify further improvement opportunities.
  • check Strategy Development: Development of a comprehensive digital strategy.
  • check Follow-up Meetings: Regular review and adjustment of strategies.
Innovation Custom: Tailored Solutions for Special Requirements

-> Innovation Custom: Tailored Solutions for Special Requirements

For businesses with specific needs, we offer tailored solutions:

  • check Custom Consultations: Meetings specifically tailored to your needs.
  • check Special Integrations: Support for implementing custom AI solutions.
  • check Long-Term Support: Ongoing consulting and support to accompany your digital transformation.
Your Benefits: What Makes This Solution Special

-> Your Benefits: What Makes This Solution Special

Our AI Innovation Leader solution offers significant benefits:

  • check Efficiency Increase: Optimize business processes through the use of state-of-the-art AI technologies.
  • check Cost Efficiency: Quick and cost-effective implementation of commercial AI systems.
  • check Future-Proofing: Modernize your IT infrastructure and prepare for future challenges.
  • check Comprehensive Support: From initial analysis to long-term support – we are here for you.
  • check Discount on Additional Consulting Hours: If needed, we offer reduced hourly rates for additional consulting hours as part of the project.

->> Special Offer: Take Advantage of Exclusive Discounts

Benefit from our exclusive special offer – only until the end of July 2024!

Let us consult you and benefit from exclusive discounts on our consulting hourly rates. When you book one of our AI Innovation Leader packages, you receive additional benefits.

Take advantage of our special offers for a successful digital transformation:

  • check 10% Discount on All Additional Consulting Hours as part of the project
  • check Free Follow-up Meeting after the consulting to review and fine-tune the implementation
Special Offer: Take Advantage of Exclusive Discounts

->> Frequently Asked Questions

Our consulting starts with introductory meetings where we determine your specific needs and challenges. We then conduct a detailed AI and IT analysis and create an implementation guide that includes all necessary steps and recommendations.

Commercial AI systems like ChatGPT offer immediate benefits as they are quick to implement and cost-efficient. They enable businesses to use AI technologies without high initial investments while offering high flexibility and adaptability.

Our 360° consulting offers a holistic review of your business. We identify improvement opportunities not only in your IT but also in your business processes, marketing strategy, and other areas to fully leverage digitalization.

The implementation guide includes a detailed description of all recommended steps and strategies for integrating AI and modernizing your IT infrastructure. It serves as a strategic blueprint for your digital strategy and provides clear instructions for the next steps.

Yes, we offer ongoing support after the consulting. You can book additional consulting services to accompany the implementation of the recommended strategies and receive long-term support. We provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Additionally, you benefit from discounted hourly rates for additional consulting hours.

->> Complementary Services for Your Digital Growth

In addition to our specialized solutions, we offer a wide range of complementary services aimed at supporting your business holistically and taking your digital transformation to the next level. Each of our offerings is designed to increase your efficiency, enhance your competitiveness, and strengthen your business sustainably. Let us help you achieve your digital goals and prepare your company for the future.

AI Consulting

-> AI Consulting

Embrace the future today: Enhance efficiency and productivity by integrating AI into your business. Our AI consulting opens new vistas for your corporate strategy, driving innovations forward and optimally preparing your team for the digital evolution.

360° Consulting

-> 360° Consulting

Think holistically, act with a future orientation: Our 360° consulting approach offers you comprehensive advice that transcends traditional methods' boundaries. We analyze your business from every angle and develop sustainable strategies for long-term success.

Digital Strategies

-> Digital Strategies

Tailored solutions for your digital transformation: We guide you safely through the complexities of digital transformation. Together, we craft robust digital strategies that meet not only current but future demands as well.

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