Neoground GmbH

->> Sophisticated Digital Solutions <<-

==> Services <==

We create, develop and maintain innovative sophisticated digital solutions based on modern technology for us and our clients. Our main focus is on holistic SaaS solutions in the web, based on our own architecture.

|> Web Development

PHP, MySQL, SASS, ReactJS and more

We conceive and realize individual web sites and web systems. From simple WordPress pages to complex systems with ReactJS frontents.

|> IT Systems

Mainboard, Linux, Nginx

For smooth working web systems you need an adjusted underlying system. We supervise and configure servers and the appropriate IT systems. One on hand physical hardware, on the other hand the whole software part, fine adjustments and scaling.

|> Marketing

SEO & Social Media

Good IT systems also need good and contemporary marketing. We offer custom tailored and well suited marketing with focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.

|> Graphics & Design

Graphics, CI, Photography

A hollistic approach is very important to us. Well fitting graphics or a fresh, suiting CI is easily created and integrated in the design of the web site or IT system. Because we are a creative team we have many possibilities, depanding on your demand. Also suiting photography is possible, like 360 photos, drone photography or simply new business portraits of your team or office.

|> Our Solutions

Simple & Digital

Besides client specific projects we also realize oiwn projects. Our goal is to make ones life easier and accelerate the digitalization of different sectors. This also means many open source projects, but also solutions like PentaPaper or Gibts-vor-Ort.

==> About Us <==

We're an expending team of talented people specialized on IT, design, R&D and sales. Together we move things forward every day - for us and our clients. But also with own solutions and useful advancements to make life easier.

As digital natives we're experts in working with current technologies. We try many things, search for ways to connect technologies and create something even better. Currently we're very fascinated about blockchain, AR and edge computing.

The Neoground GmbH company was founded in 2020 by Sven Reifschneider and Julius Hensel. Soon after this the first products launched, like PentaPaper - a business management software for SOHO, which we also use for own own business management Soon after this, in the COVID crisis, Gibts-vor-Ort followed - to support and digitalize the local retail sector.


==> Contact <==

As a decentral virtual team we don't have an office for meetings. Thanks to video conferencing software, messengers and much more we have enough possibilities to care about all your desires. But we can also visit you in the rhine-main-area.


Our headquarter is in the north part of the rhine-main-area, in the beautiful Wetterau.

If you have any questions or feedback you can always write us an email. We can also chat with you, just tell us how we should contact you.

|> Email: 
|> Phone: +49 6047 - 357 89 62

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