Sustainability & Environmental Protection

The Path to a Resource-Efficient Future

In an era where the ecological impacts of human activities can no longer be ignored, Neoground GmbH places sustainability and environmental protection at the core of its corporate mission. From data centers to conference rooms, our eco-friendly philosophy influences every facet of our work. We move forward resolutely to maintain a harmonious balance between technological advancement and ecological responsibility.

->> 100% Renewable Energy

We understand the importance of clean energy sources for our operations. Hence, we derive our electricity 100% from renewable energies. Both our office and our data center adhere to a fully CO₂-neutral policy, supported by the deployment of efficient solar panels and other green technologies.

->> The Digital Office as a Standard

Reducing unnecessary commutes and employing digital solutions are a given for us. The resource efficiency we strive for in our software development is also mirrored in our organizational structure. Video conferences and virtual meetings are not just convenient but an investment in the future of our planet.

100% Renewable Energy
Digital Waste Reduction

->> Digital Waste Reduction

In the digital era, waste reduction takes on new forms. Our software solutions are designed to be resource-efficient and low-maintenance. Furthermore, we prefer partners who actively contribute to the reduction of emissions and the promotion of a sustainable supply chain when choosing hardware and service providers.

->> Philosophy of Sustainability

Our corporate philosophy involves an unwavering commitment to environmental protection. We firmly believe that we have a responsibility to contribute positively to the world. Our leadership strategy and decision-making processes are geared towards continually minimizing our ecological footprint.

->> Everyday Decisions

Opting for glass over plastic in our office and favoring video conferences are examples of everyday decisions that reduce our overall impact on the environment. These seemingly small steps are building blocks of a more comprehensive strategy for environmental compatibility.

->> Flora and Fauna

Our love for nature is not just metaphorical but operational. We invest in sustainable landscaping around our operational facilities and encourage active participation in environmental protection initiatives. Our efforts serve not only human society but the entire ecosystem.

At Neoground GmbH, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a deeply ingrained conviction permeating every aspect of our business operations. By merging technological innovation with ecological responsibility, we set new standards for what is possible in digital transformation. In this symbiosis, we see the future — a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and in harmony with nature.

Everyday Decisions

->> Setting Digital Milestones Together

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