Comprehensive Hosting and Management for your website

Everything Your Website Needs – All in One Package
Ensure your website is always up-to-date, secure, and performant with our WebCare package. Ideal for all types of websites, WebCare offers complete management and hosting on state-of-the-art servers.

-> Your Website in Good Hands

Managing a website can be time-consuming and complicated. With WebCare, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Our all-inclusive package offers you comprehensive management and hosting, so you can fully focus on your core business.

-> Challenges of Website Management

Many businesses struggle with the management and maintenance of their websites. From technical updates and security checks to content adjustments – all these tasks can take a lot of time and require specific expertise. Without regular maintenance and updates, websites can become vulnerable to security issues and performance problems.

-> Our Solution: WebCare

WebCare offers a comprehensive solution for all your website needs. We take care of hosting, maintenance, and management of your website. Using the latest technologies and AI support, we ensure your website is always up-to-date, secure, and optimally performing. Our packages offer flexible hour contingents for content changes and adjustments, keeping your website always current.

-> Features and Benefits

With WebCare, you get an unbeatable package that saves you time and keeps your website always up-to-date. Our modern hosting solutions and comprehensive management services provide the security and reliability you need. Whether small adjustments or larger updates – we are your reliable partner for everything related to your website.

  • check Modern Hosting: Fast servers with NVMe SSD storage and ample space for your website and all assets.
  • check Complete Management: From technical maintenance and security updates to content adjustments – we take care of everything.
  • check Flexible Hour Contingent: Use the included hours for adjustments, new content, or special actions.
  • check SEO Optimization: Regular check-ups and optimizations according to the latest SEO and best practice guidelines.
  • check Secure and Reliable: Firewall, performance monitoring, and regular backups ensure the highest security and stability.
WebCare Basic: The Ideal Entry-Level Package

-> WebCare Basic: The Ideal Entry-Level Package

Our WebCare Basic package offers the perfect solution for smaller websites and businesses. For €69 per month, you get:

  • check 4 Hours of Adjustment Time per Month: Ideal for regularly updating offers or small texts.
  • check 10GB Webspace: Ample storage for your website and all related assets.
  • check 5 Databases: For additional functionalities and extensions.
  • check Weekly Backups: Ensure the security of your data and allow for easy recovery if needed.
  • check Complete Management: Technical maintenance, monitoring, security updates, and more, all included.
WebCare Standard: More Options for Growing Businesses

-> WebCare Standard: More Options for Growing Businesses

For businesses needing regular content changes and additional functionalities, our WebCare Standard package offers for €129 per month:

  • check 8 Hours of Adjustment Time per Month: Enough for weekly content updates, blogs, and more.
  • check 25GB Webspace: More storage for larger websites and additional content.
  • check 10 Databases: For various applications and extended functionalities.
  • check Daily Backups: Ensure the highest data security and quick recovery.
  • check Complete Management: Technical maintenance, monitoring, security updates, and more, all included.
WebCare Pro: Maximum Flexibility and Performance

-> WebCare Pro: Maximum Flexibility and Performance

Our WebCare Pro package is ideal for larger websites, diverse appearances, and extensive content changes. For €249 per month, you get:

  • check 16 Hours of Adjustment Time per Month: Perfect for extensive content updates and extensions.
  • check 50GB Webspace: Ample space for large websites and many files.
  • check 20 Databases: For complex applications and extended functionalities.
  • check 50 Email Accounts: Manage your business communication effectively within your own webspace.
  • check Daily Backups: Ensure the highest security and availability of your data.
  • check Complete Management: Includes technical maintenance, security updates, performance monitoring, and more.
  • check Managing Listings: We are happy to manage all important listings on industry websites and directories, ensuring your website is best positioned.
WebCare Custom: Tailored Solutions for Specific Requirements

-> WebCare Custom: Tailored Solutions for Specific Requirements

For businesses with individual needs, we offer tailored solutions. Whether you need additional functions, special integrations, or specific requirements – we create a custom offer perfectly tailored to your needs. As a WebCare subscriber, you also benefit from discounts on our usual hourly rates.

  • check Multilingual Presence: We are happy to manage your website in multiple languages.
  • check Product Catalogs and More: For complex and frequently changing content, we offer custom CMS solutions to keep your offerings always up-to-date.
  • check Social Media: Use the hourly contingent for new social media posts and managing social media accounts.
  • check And Much More: Whatever your requirements – we are happy to help.

->> Test WebCare for Free

Take advantage of our exclusive special offer – only until the end of July 2024!

Have a new website created by us and get 3 months of WebCare for free. Use this opportunity to experience our comprehensive hosting and management service at no extra cost.

This applies to both of our WebCare packages:

  • check WebCare Basic: 3 months free with the creation of a WebStarter website (you save €207)
  • check WebCare Standard: 3 months free with the creation of a NextLevel Web website (you save €387)
Test WebCare for Free

->> Frequently Asked Questions

Our WebCare package includes hosting your website on modern, fast servers, as well as complete technical management. This includes regular security updates, performance monitoring, SEO optimization, and content adjustments. Simply send us an email or chat message, and we will take care of all necessary changes.
  • check Modern hosting on fast servers with NVMe SSD storage
  • check Technical maintenance and security updates
  • check Performance monitoring and optimization
  • check Regular backups
  • check Content adjustments as needed

Yes, the hours included in your WebCare package can be used for any type of adjustment. Whether you need to update weekly offers, add new pages, or update content – we handle it for you. Thanks to our AI-supported technology, we can perform many tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • check Weekly offer updates
  • check Adding new pages
  • check Updating content
  • check Adding new blog posts

If you need more hours than included in your package, you can either upgrade to a larger package or purchase additional hours. For larger or very individual projects, we are happy to create a custom offer. WebCare subscribers also receive discounts on our usual hourly rates.

With our WebCare package, you save valuable time and resources. You don’t have to worry about technical details, security updates, or content adjustments – we take care of it all. This allows you to fully focus on your core business, while we ensure your website is always up-to-date, secure, and performing well. Additionally, you benefit from our experience and AI-supported technology, which makes many tasks faster and more efficient.
  • check No technical worries: We handle maintenance and updates
  • check Focus on your core business: You focus on your business, we take care of the website
  • check Efficient content adjustments: Thanks to AI-supported technology, faster and more cost-efficient

Yes, in the Standard, Pro, and Custom packages, you can also host other web applications like Nextcloud. Our services include:
  • check Management and technical support for additional applications
  • check Ensuring performance and security of these applications

Our WebCare subscription has a minimum term of 12 months. After this period, the subscription automatically renews for another 12 months unless terminated in due time. This ensures continuous support and maintenance of your website without interruptions. Should you have any questions about your subscription or the termination period, we are always available to assist you.

Yes, we can fully manage your domains as part of our WebCare package. This includes registration, renewal, and management of all DNS entries. Alternatively, you can manage your domains independently. In this case, only the "A" and "AAAA" DNS entries need to be configured to point to our infrastructure. This ensures your website is always accessible and optimally integrated. The annual fees per domain apply as with all providers and will be communicated to you in the offer.

->> Complementary Services for Your Digital Growth

In addition to our specialized solutions, we offer a wide range of complementary services aimed at supporting your business holistically and taking your digital transformation to the next level. Each of our offerings is designed to increase your efficiency, enhance your competitiveness, and strengthen your business sustainably. Let us help you achieve your digital goals and prepare your company for the future.


-> Hosting

Reliability meets sustainability: Our hosting and server solutions provide a solid foundation for your web projects. Secure, high-performing, and eco-conscious – we ensure that your digital presence is always available.


-> Websites

Your brand, compellingly presented: Our web design experts create attractive, user-centric websites that reflect your company values and captivate visitors. We ensure a digital presence that impresses and persuades.

Digital Strategies

-> Digital Strategies

Tailored solutions for your digital transformation: We guide you safely through the complexities of digital transformation. Together, we craft robust digital strategies that meet not only current but future demands as well.

Your Next Step to Digital Excellence
Contact us today to learn more about our WebCare package and how we can help your company maintain a consistently up-to-date and secure website. Let’s work together to ensure your online presence is always at its best.
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->> Setting Digital Milestones Together

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