Web Launchpad: Small Business Edition

Elevate your business into the digital realm

Web Launchpad: Small Business Edition
Reach new heights with our AI-powered WebStarter package. Ideal for small businesses needing a modern, high-performance website. Benefit from lightning-fast load times, attractive design, and essential SEO tools. Expand your possibilities with optional features and continuous support to stay at the forefront of digital competition.

-> Take Your Business into the Digital Age

Our WebStarter package for your company offers a custom, modern website quickly and efficiently created through the use of artificial intelligence. The days of waiting weeks or months for your new website are over. With our advanced technology, we deliver a personalized website that perfectly represents your brand and appeals to your target audience. Whether you're creating your first professional website or modernizing an outdated one, we have the perfect solution for you.

-> Challenges of Modern Website Creation

Small businesses often face the challenge of developing a professional online presence. Website builders and pre-made (WordPress) themes offer quick solutions, but these sites often look generic and offer little flexibility. Traditional agencies, on the other hand, can be expensive and time-consuming. You need a website that reflects your individuality and stands out from the crowd – and all at an affordable price.

-> Our Solution: The WebStarter Package

With our WebStarter package, we combine the latest technologies with creative design to create a unique and high-quality website for your company. By utilizing AI, we can generate appealing images and texts perfectly tailored to your business. This allows for quick and cost-efficient website creation without compromising on quality. Your website will not only look great but also perform exceptionally well.

-> Features and Benefits

  • check Fast Implementation: Your website will be created within a few days, thanks to our advanced AI technology.
  • check Custom Design: Every element of your website is specially designed and programmed for your business, without using generic templates.
  • check SEO Optimization: Basic SEO optimizations are integrated to increase your visibility in search engines and reach more customers.
  • check Responsive Design: Your website will be perfectly displayed on all devices, from smartphones to desktops.
  • check Secure and Efficient: Our lean, secure websites offer excellent performance and are significantly less vulnerable to security breaches.
  • check Cost-effective Maintenance and Support: We are happy to keep your website up-to-date and secure, so you can focus on your core business.
The Perfect Start

-> The Perfect Start

Our entry-level version, starting at €1,499, offers an affordable yet professional solution for small businesses. This version includes all the essential features you need to create an impressive online presence, including a responsive design and basic SEO optimizations.

More Features for More Possibilities

-> More Features for More Possibilities

For businesses desiring more interactive and dynamic elements, our extended Pro version starting at €1,899 offers additional features. These include advanced designs, dynamic content, and more flexibility to make your website even more attractive and user-friendly.

NextLevel Web: For Larger Projects

-> NextLevel Web: For Larger Projects

For larger and more complex projects, we recommend our NextLevel Web package starting at €2,499. This solution is ideal for businesses needing an extensive website with numerous custom pages, forms, and integrations. With NextLevel Web, you get a comprehensive solution that meets all your requirements and positions your business optimally in the digital space.

All-in-One Service with WebCare

-> All-in-One Service with WebCare

With WebCare, we offer you a comprehensive management and hosting package for your website. Our service ensures your website is always secure, up-to-date, and optimally performing. From regular security updates to performance monitoring and content adjustments, we handle all technical and administrative tasks. This allows you to fully concentrate on your core business while we professionally manage your online presence.

Best of all: If you choose our WebStarter package, you will receive the first 3 months of WebCare Basic, valued at over €200, for free. Let us be your reliable partner for all web-related matters.

->> Discounts for Regional Businesses

Due to high demand and overwhelming response, we have extended our promotion until the end of July 2024!

We are proud to support the digital transformation of regional businesses. As part of our mission to help local companies establish and grow in the digital world, we offer exclusive discounts for businesses from our region Wetterau / Main-Kinzig-Kreis / Vordertaunus. This initiative aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve their IT infrastructure and strengthen their online presence without breaking the budget.

Discount Offers for Regional Businesses:

  • check Entry Version: €100 discount for regional businesses – Get a modern, custom website from just €1,399
  • check Pro Version: €200 discount for regional businesses – Get an extended, dynamic website from just €1,699
Discounts for Regional Businesses

->> Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to our advanced AI technology, we can create your website in just a few days. The exact timeframe depends on the complexity of the project, but our goal is always to work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. Compared to traditional methods, which can take weeks or even months, we offer a significantly faster solution.

We only need basic information about your business and your goals. This includes details such as your services, target audiences, and any existing marketing materials. If you already have a website, we can use it as a foundation to ensure a seamless transition. The process is designed to be as easy and stress-free for you as possible. We will discuss all the details in a personal conversation.

Yes, our WebStarter package is highly flexible and can be expanded at any time. Whether you need additional pages, new features, or a comprehensive overhaul, we can adapt your website as needed. For larger expansions and more complex projects, we recommend our NextLevel Web package, specifically tailored to more extensive requirements.

Our WebStarter websites are designed to be lean and efficient, meaning they do not rely on large CMS platforms like WordPress. Technically, you could make changes yourself, but this would require programming knowledge (HTML + PHP). However, for many small businesses, whose websites do not need frequent updates or only require updates in a few places, this is not a disadvantage.

Why is this a good thing?
  • check Time-saving: Instead of managing and updating your website, you can fully focus on your core business. We handle the changes quickly and cost-effectively for you.
  • check Convenience: A simple email or chat message is enough, and we will take care of all the desired adjustments. No long learning curves with complex CMS systems, no worries about technical details.
  • check Cost-efficiency: Our management services are designed to be budget-friendly. Smaller changes are done quickly and efficiently without incurring high costs.
  • check Professionalism: Your website remains professional and up-to-date at all times, as all changes are made by our experienced web experts.

We offer various options for the images on your website and cater to your preferences:
  • check Existing Images: We can use existing images from your current website or photos you provide.
  • check AI-Generated Images: Our preferred method is using AI-generated images, which have a unique style. This method is visible on our website and offers a distinctive look. Once we have created a basic style or template, we can use it to generate custom images for all website and marketing needs.
  • check Professional On-Site Photography: For regional businesses, we also offer professional photography directly at your location. We photograph your business, employees, products, or whatever you need. We can also create 360° panorama images and virtual tours.

Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services. With our cost-effective support packages, we ensure that your website is always up-to-date and functional. We handle all technical aspects so that you can fully focus on your core business. Our support services include regular updates, security checks, and quick responses to any issues. Hosting and everything related is also not a problem.

After the completion of your website, additional costs may arise depending on your individual requirements and the desired services. Here are the key points:
  • check Service & Management: We offer cost-efficient service and management options to ensure your website remains up-to-date and functional. These services include regular updates, security checks, and quick adjustments as needed. This way, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the technical maintenance of your website.
  • check Hosting: Your finished website can be easily hosted on any web space of your choice. If you already have web space, you can use it to host your website. Alternatively, we offer a comprehensive hosting package starting at €8.99 per month. This package includes complete management and maintenance of your web space, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our hosting service ensures your website is always secure and high-performing.
  • check Whether you use our hosting & management service or prefer your own web space solution, we provide the flexibility and support you need to successfully establish your digital presence.

->> Complementary Services for Your Digital Growth

In addition to our specialized solutions, we offer a wide range of complementary services aimed at supporting your business holistically and taking your digital transformation to the next level. Each of our offerings is designed to increase your efficiency, enhance your competitiveness, and strengthen your business sustainably. Let us help you achieve your digital goals and prepare your company for the future.

Digital Strategies

-> Digital Strategies

Tailored solutions for your digital transformation: We guide you safely through the complexities of digital transformation. Together, we craft robust digital strategies that meet not only current but future demands as well.


-> Websites

Your brand, compellingly presented: Our web design experts create attractive, user-centric websites that reflect your company values and captivate visitors. We ensure a digital presence that impresses and persuades.


-> Hosting

Reliability meets sustainability: Our hosting and server solutions provide a solid foundation for your web projects. Secure, high-performing, and eco-conscious – we ensure that your digital presence is always available.

Your Next Step to Digital Excellence
Take the opportunity to revolutionize your online presence. Contact us today to learn more about our WebStarter package and how we can help your company succeed in the digital age. Let’s bring your vision to life together.
Investor Relations

->> Setting Digital Milestones Together

Are you facing challenges in your digital transformation and looking for the ideal partner to overcome them? Whether it's a custom website, an innovative web application, an effective landing page, or a revolutionary app – Neoground is your key to success. We also offer specialized AI consulting to optimize your business processes and unlock new growth opportunities. Our dedicated team of digital experts is ready to tackle your individual challenges and provide tailored solutions. Let us help you and explore new digital horizons together. Contact us today via email or chat – we look forward to your questions and inquiries!

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