==> Settings: General Options <==

The skin.conf configuration file contains many possibilities to adjust the NeoWX Material skin to your needs.

This page contains information for the general options and gives you an overview of all available options.

Appearance (Styling), Translations and Expert Options are described more detailled on the following pages.

All values here are found in the [Extras] section of the skin.conf.

After changing your skin.conf make sure you reload or restart WeeWX. Some reports are not generated every time, so your changes may not be displayed on all pages immediately.

Archive pages are only generated once. After bigger changes you may need to re-generate them. See clean up after skin change on the installation page.

->> Overview <<-

Available options:

Option Description Details
version The current version of your skin. You don't need to change this.
language Set the language of this skin. You can find a list of all available languages there too. Translations
color Set the primary color (theme) of your skin. You can find a list of all available colors there too. Appearance

Available sections:

Section Description Details
[[Header]] Configure the <head> area (e.g. meta tags) and the header (navigation) of the skin. Appearance
[[Footer]] Configure the footer of the skin. Appearance
[[Formatting]] Set the date / time formatting for generated HTML + charts. Appearance
[[Appearance]] Configure the values / charts which should be displayed or hidden. Some more styling adjustments are available too. Appearance
[[Charts]] Configure the appearance of the charts. Charts
[[Translations]] This section contains all skin translations. Label translations are set in the weewx.conf. Translations

For sections after [[Translations]] see the expert options page.

->> Skin Updates & Custom Config <<-

If you make any changes to the skin.conf to adjust this skin to your needs they might get overridden on the next update.

To keep your settings you can add them to your weewx.conf.

In the section where you set the template you can override most config values for this report, like labels (used for translation). But you can also override default settings of this skin there.

Example weewx.conf excerpt:

        skin = neowx-material
        enable = true
        HTML_ROOT = /var/www/weather
            language = de
            color = teal
                show_almanac = no
                show_logo = yes

This example will use the neowx-material skin but override language, color and two header options.