==> Settings: Translations <==

The language of the skin can easily be changed.

Just change the language at the beginning of the skin.conf.

language = en

Available languages:

Key Language Translated by
en English (default) Neoground GmbH
ca Catalan dtalens
de German Neoground GmbH
es Spanish Neoground GmbH
fi Finnish iiseppi
fr French Neoground GmbH
it Italian Neoground GmbH


This will only change the skin specific texts. To translate the labels and other weewx related texts you need to translate them in the weewx.conf.

See the example at the end of this page and the localization section of weewx's customization guide for more information.

->> Change translated texts <<-

All translations are found in the skin.conf.

Starting at line 296 all translations are defined. Each language has its own section. The key of each section is the language string you set above.

Just find your section, e.g. [[[de]]] for the German translation and change the values in this section.

A translation section looks like this:

    weather = Weather
    current = Current
    yesterday = Yesterday
    week = Week
    month = Month
    year = Year
    archive = Archive
    more = More
    max = Max
    avg = Avg
    min = Min
    trend = Trend
    about = About
    hardware = Hardware
    altitude = Altitude
    links = Links
    almanac = Almanac
    noaa_export = TXT Report
    sun = Sun
    moon = Moon
    rise = Rise
    transit = Transit
    set = Set
    equinox = Equinox
    solstice = Solstice
    moonphases = Moon Phases
    currently = Currently
    next_new_moon = Next New Moon
    next_full_moon = Next Full Moon
    vernal_equinox = Vernal Equinox
    summer_solstice = Summer Solstice
    autumnal_equinox = Autumnal Equinox
    winter_solstice = Winter Solstice
    mars = Mars
    venus = Venus
    saturn = Saturn
    jupiter = Jupiter
    telemetry = Telemetry
    hemispheres = N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW

->> Add a translation <<-

To translate this skin in a new language just copy the [[[en]]] section (looks like in the example above), give the section the right new name and adjust all values.

Please note that all translation sections are in alphabetical order after the [[[en]]] section which is always the first one.

After you've translated everything, set the language like above and restart weewx.

If your translation is working and correct please consider creating a pull request to add your translation to our master code.

See the contribution guide for more information.

->> Whole skin translation in weewx.conf <<-

As said before you need to translate the labels in the weewx.conf.

In this example we're doing this for one report only. This way we can easily have multiple reports with multiple settings and languages.

See the "Skin Updates & Custom Config" section on the general options page for more information on how to override skin settings here.

Also see the localization section of weewx's customization guide for more information.

In this example we're only translating the most common labels. You might need to change this to your needs.

We're creating a second report in German (language override of skin.conf value in [[[Extras]]] section and manual label translation above):


        skin = neowx-material
        enable = true
        HTML_ROOT = /var/www/weather_english

        skin = neowx-material
        enable = true
        HTML_ROOT = /var/www/weather_german
                day = " Tag", " Tage"
                hour = " Std.", " Std."
                minute = " Min.", " Min."
                second = " Sek.", " Sek."
            hemispheres = N, S, O, W
                barometer = Luftdruck
                dewpoint = Taupunkt
                ET = ET
                heatindex = Hitzeindex
                inHumidity = Luftfeuchtigkeit Innen
                inTemp = Temperatur Innen
                outHumidity = Luftfeuchtigkeit Außen
                outTemp = Temperatur Außen
                radiation = Strahlung
                rain = Regen
                rainRate = Regenrate
                UV = UV Index
                windDir = Windrichtung
                windGust = Böengeschwindigkeit
                windGustDir = Böenrichtung
                windSpeed = Windgeschwindigkeit
                windchill = Windtemperatur
                windgustvec = Böenvektor
                windvec = Windvektor
                appTemp = gefühlte Temperatur
                cloudbase = Wolkenuntergrenze
            moon_phases = Neumond, zunehmende Sichel, erstes Viertel, zunehmender Halbmond, Vollmond, abnehmender Halbmond, letztes Viertel, abnehmende Sichel
            language = de