==> NeoWX Material Documentation <==

Welcome to the NeoWX Material documentation.

NeoWX Material is the latest skin made by us for the WeeWX weather station software.

Here you can find many information on how to install and set up this skin and customize it how you want.

You can also easily change parts of the skin on your own.

->> Features <<-

NeoWX Material has many features.

  • beautiful Material Design
  • many color schemes to choose from
  • interactive and zoomable charts
  • wind direction + speed visualization as a wind rose
  • accessible HTML + NOAA TXT file archive for all years and months
  • easy translation - provides many languages out of the box! (or add your own translation)
  • auto light/dark mode - works great on mobile and desktop
  • responsive design - optimized for modern tablets and smartphones
  • support for all available sensors
  • many options to customize your reports even more - have a look at the skin.conf
  • ...and much more!

->> Data Privacy <<-

Privacy is always very important to us, also on this skin.

All used libraries, the font and 3rd party code is provided locally without any need for a CDN.

Values, which are more sensitive, like WeeWX version or coordinates of the weather station can be hidden. This and more can be set in the skin.conf.

The generated HTML pages only contain the data which is needed to display everything. Unused sensors and hidden data is stripped out of any HTML output.

As the generated files are only plain HTML or TXT files there's no need to provide a cookie banner or anything else.