==> Quick Start <==

Weather Enthusiast's Guide to NeoWX Material Theme for WeeWX

Embrace your inner meteorologist and enhance your WeeWX weather station with the NeoWX Material theme. This sleek theme will transform the look of your weather data, making it more visually appealing and engaging. Follow this quick start guide to install and configure the NeoWX Material theme with ease.

->> Prerequisites

Ensure you have a current WeeWX installation. To utilize the Almanac page, install the pyephem package through your package manager with:

sudo apt install python3-ephem

or via Python's package manager:

pip install pyephem

(Use pip3 if needed, depending on your system.)

->> Installation

Installing the NeoWX Material theme is as simple as any other WeeWX extension.

  1. Download the latest version from the project's website.
  2. Transfer the downloaded zip-file to your device running WeeWX.
  3. Execute the wee_extension command. If you installed WeeWX via package manager, it should be in your $PATH. For manual WeeWX installations, wee_extension can be found in the WeeWX bin directory (usually /home/weewx/bin).
    wee_extension --install=path/to/neowx-material-latest.zip
  4. Set NeoWX Material as your report skin in weewx.conf. Locate the [StdReport] section, find your report, and set skin = neowx-material.
  5. Customize the skin.conf to your liking. Find it in your WeeWX installation directory: skins/neowx-material.
  6. Restart WeeWX to apply the changes:
    sudo service weewx restart

Your reports will now be generated using the NeoWX Material skin. If you previously used a different skin, proceed to the next section.

For manual installation instructions, refer to the next page.

->> Post-Cleanup after Skin Change

If you've switched from a different skin, it's a good idea to clean up the HTML_ROOT.

There might be some missing files, as they are either copied once or generated at specific times. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Stop WeeWX: sudo service weewx stop
  2. Remove all files from the HTML_ROOT, where NeoWX Material report files are copied.
  3. Let WeeWX regenerate all missing files (including reports and archives) and copy missing assets (CSS, JS, fonts, images):

    If this command isn't in your $PATH, locate it in the WeeWX bin directory, like wee_extension. Note that regenerating archives may take some time.

  4. Restart WeeWX: sudo service weewx start

->> Uninstall

To uninstall the NeoWX Material skin, use wee_extension again:

wee_extension --uninstall=neowx-material

For manual uninstallation or if the above command doesn't work, follow these steps:

  1. Stop WeeWX: sudo service weewx stop
  2. Edit your weewx.conf and set the skin of your reports to an existing one.
  3. Remove the /path/to/weewx/skins/neowx-material directory.
  4. Start WeeWX: sudo service weewx start

Now, the NeoWX Material skin has been successfully uninstalled, and your WeeWX weather station will revert to using a different skin. As a weather enthusiast and a Linux user, you can continue to explore and customize your WeeWX setup to your liking, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of meteorology.