==> Installation <==

This page shows how to manually install the NeoWX Material skin.

There are no real system requirements. You just need a current WeeWX installation.

If you want to use the Almanac page you need to install the pyephem package. Either via package manager, e.g.

sudo apt install python3-ephem

or via python's package manager

pip install ephem

(or pip3, depending on your system).

If you want to let weewx install it automatically, please see the Quick Start section of these docs.

Quick Start

->> Manual Installation <<-

You can install the NeoWX Material skin like any other WeeWX skin.

  1. Download the latest version from the project's website
  2. Place the downloaded zip-file on your device which is running weewx
  3. Unzip the file: unzip neowx-material-latest.zip
  4. Move the skin to weewx's skin directory.
    If you installed WeeWX via package manager this should be /etc/weewx/skins.
    If you installed WeeWX manually, it's /home/weewx/skins in most cases. The skin is in some subdirectories:
    mv dist/skins/neowx-material /etc/weewx/skins/neowx-material
  5. Now the skin is available to weewx. We can remove the zip file and the dist directory: rm -Rf neowx-material-latest.zip dist
  6. Set the NeoWX Material skin as your report skin in your weewx.conf.
    In the [StdReport] section find your report and set skin = neowx-material.
  7. Go through the skin.conf and adjust it how you want. You will find the skin.conf in the neowx-material directory you have moved previously.
  8. Finally restart WeeWX: sudo service weewx restart

Now the reports will be generated with the NeoWX Material skin.

If you had a different skin before please read the next section.

->> Clean up after skin change <<-

If you've used a different skin before it makes sense to cleanup the HTML_ROOT.

It's also possible that some files are missing because they are only copied once or generated at specific times.

In these cases we will clean the HTML_ROOT and let weewx re-generate everything.

  1. Stop weewx: sudo service weewx stop
  2. Remove all files from the HTML_ROOT where all files from your NeoWX Material report get copied to.
  3. Let WeeWX re-generate all missing files (which are all reports, archives included) and also copy all missing asset files (e.g. CSS, JS, font, images):
    If this command isn't available in your $PATH you can find it in weewx's bin directory, like wee_extension above). Note that this can take a while because the whole archive will be re-generated!
  4. Start weewx again: sudo service weewx start