==> Settings: Expert Options <==

At the end of the skin.conf you can find some more options which are normally not need to be changed.

This page also includes some more options which are only need in some cases.

->> Cheetah Generator <<-

Near the end of the skin.conf, currently line 595, you find the [CheetahGenerator] section.

In this section all templates are defined which should be used to generate HTML / TXT files.

Templates are either a summary by month (month archive), a summary by year (year archive) or to-date reports (current, week, month, ...).

If you don't want that a template will be generated (e.g. almanac or telemetry) remove the whole line (section-heading + template value).

Normally nothing needs to be changed here.

Small excerpt:


    # Possible encodings are 'html_entities', 'utf8', or 'strict_ascii'
    encoding = utf8

        # Reports which summarize by month
            template = month-%Y-%m.html.tmpl
            encoding = utf8
            template = archive/NOAA-%Y-%m.txt.tmpl

        # Reports which summarize by year
            template = year-%Y.html.tmpl
            encoding = utf8
            template = archive/NOAA-%Y.txt.tmpl

        # Reports which show statistics (e.g. day) to date
            template = index.html.tmpl

->> Copy Generator <<-

In this section (below [CheetahGenerator]) you can set which files should be copied the first time and files which should be copied every time, except the template files.

By default all asset files are copied the first time.

If you have missing files in your HTML_ROOT or want to develop and get files copied every time the generator runs you may want to define these files in copy_always.


# List of files to be copied only the first time
copy_once = css/*, js/*, weather-icons/*, img/*, fonts/*, manifest.json

# List of files to be copied each run (except templates)
copy_always = example.json