->> Arrays <<-

The Arrays module in the framework serves as a reservoir of handy array helper methods, simplifying and accelerating the manipulation of arrays in your projects.

->> Available Methods

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Below is an outline of the available public methods within the Arrays module:

  • has(array $arr, mixed $key): bool: Checks if an array has a non-empty value by key. The key supports the usual dot-notation for sub-arrays.
  • get(array $arr, mixed $key, mixed $default = null): mixed: Retrieves a specific value from an array. The key supports the usual dot-notation for sub-arrays.
  • getLastElement(array $arr): mixed: Gets the last element of an array without removing it.
  • array_merge_recursive(array &$array1, array &$array2): array: Merges two arrays recursively without duplicated entries.
  • sortByTwoKeys(array &$arr, mixed $key1, mixed $key2, string $order = 'desc'): void: Sorts an array by two sub-array values.
  • hasDuplicates(array $array): bool: Checks if an array has duplicates.

->> Array Collections

For more advanced tasks on arrays we provide Array Collections.

Laravel Collections, an elegant wrapper around arrays with a multitude of handy methods, significantly streamline array data manipulation. Similarly, the Array Collection within our framework, built upon Laravel Collections, offers a rich set of functionalities for array manipulation. You can utilize methods from Laravel Collections on our Array Collection.


$arr = ['Foo', 'Bar', 'Baz'];
$arraycollection = C::Arrays()->from($arr);
$arraycollection->contains('Bar'); // true

Leverage the full breadth of Laravel Collections' methods as outlined in the official documentation to enrich your array manipulation capabilities within the framework.

->> Conclusion

The Arrays module, coupled with the robust Array Collection, empowers developers with a suite of tools for efficient array manipulation, embodying a blend of simplicity, efficiency, and the richness of functionalities carried over from Laravel Collections.