->> BarBeQueue (BBQ) - Our Queue System <<-

BarBeQueue (BBQ), our adept queue system, orchestrates the orderly processing of tasks, adhering to the time-honored FIFO (First In, First Out) principle, yet with a dash of priority-based discernment, ensuring a meticulous execution of queued entries.

  • Queue Mechanism: Typical to any queue system, entries are added and await their turn for processing.
  • Priority Ordering: Entries bear a priority tag (1 to 5), determining their place in the queue, 1 being the highest priority.
  • Multiple Queues: Spawn multiple queues each with a distinct name, catering to different task domains.

->> Running Queue Jobs

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Queue jobs are invoked via a CLI command, circumventing the internal cron to bolster performance and handling. Tailor the queue run frequency to your needs, though a 1 to 5-minute interval is often judicious.

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/php /path/to/app/bob.php queue:run --name=default >> /dev/null 2>&1

This crontab entry nudges the default queue into action every 5 minutes.

You can also have multiple calls to work queues in parallel. An instance runs as long as there are jobs in its queue, then terminates.

->> Creating Queue Jobs

Crafting a queue entry is a straightforward endeavor. Instantiate a QueueEntry, designate the method to execute, and thrust it into the queue. You can call this anywhere in your code.

use Charm\Barbequeue\QueueEntry;
use Charm\Vivid\C;

$entry = new QueueEntry();

For a more nuanced interaction, pass an array of arguments to the method:

$entry = new QueueEntry();
$entry->setMethod('App\Controllers\MyClass::sendEmail', [$user->email, $user->name])

Thus, App\Controllers\MyClass::sendEmail($user->email, $user->name) is invoked when the queue processes this entry.

Please note that the called method must be public static.

->> Conclusion

BBQ is not just a queue system, but a beacon of order amidst the asynchronous chaos, a conductor orchestrating the symphony of tasks with a calm, priority-tempered baton.