->> Core Modules Overview <<-

Embarking on the journey through the vast expanses of our framework is akin to traversing through a galaxy teeming with potential and adventure. Yet, akin to a seasoned spacefarer amidst the celestial unknown, having the right companions is crucial. Here, our core modules stand as your loyal companions. Much like the sage offering to a young knight, "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this", consider these core modules as your arsenal of sophisticated tools, always at the ready.

With a simple summoning of the magic magnet, a myriad of modules leap to your aid, each a stalwart ally making your development quest not only easier but exhilarating. Venture forth, and may the code be with you!

->> Available modules

App Storage

-> App Storage

A highly efficient in-memory runtime storage mechanism tailored for both application-centric and intrinsic charm data, ensuring swift data access and management throughout the application run cycle.


-> Arrays

A rich collection of helper methods meticulously designed for array manipulation and collections, facilitating effortless data organization, traversal, and transformation.


-> Bob CLI

A robust suite of command line commands, meticulously crafted to empower developers with the tools necessary for extensive terminal operations, enhancing workflow efficiency and command-line mastery.


-> Cache

An intuitive, fast, PSR-compliant caching solution, engineered to significantly expedite data retrieval processes, promoting a swift and responsive application experience.

Config & Debug

-> Config & Debug

A holistic system for managing configuration files, environment settings, debug modes, and translations, ensuring a streamlined and error-resistant development and runtime environment.

Database & Redis

-> Database & Redis

A comprehensive interface for interacting with the Eloquent ORM and Redis, promoting efficient data management, retrieval, and storage, in a seamless and intuitive manner.


-> Events

An elegant mechanism for firing events and working with event listeners, fostering a reactive and event-driven application architecture, enhancing modularity and responsiveness.


-> Formatter

A proficient toolset for formatting input data, dates, and more, ensuring consistent data presentation and manipulation across various application components.

Guard & Token

-> Guard & Token

A robust authentication framework for both web and API contexts, inclusive of secure token generation and management, promoting a secure and user-friendly authentication experience.



A versatile suite of tools designed for making API calls and HTTP requests with ease, promoting efficient data retrieval and interaction with external services.


-> Logging

A reliable logging system for creating log entries, ensuring meticulous tracking and recording of application events, aiding in debugging and monitoring.


-> Mailman

A flexible mail sending interface supporting SMTP and other drivers, designed to streamline email communications and promote effective engagement with users.

Queue (BBQ)

-> Queue (BBQ)

A simplistic yet powerful queue system, dubbed BarBeQueue, facilitating orderly task execution and management, enhancing application performance and user experience.


-> Request

A comprehensive toolset for working with request values, ensuring accurate data retrieval and manipulation during the client-server interaction.

Schedule (Crown)

-> Schedule (Crown)

A precise scheduling system, known as Crown, for defining and executing scheduled (cron) jobs, promoting automated task management and time-efficient operations.

Server & Session

-> Server & Session

An intuitive interface for interacting with server and session data, ensuring reliable data management and state preservation across user sessions.


-> Storage

An easy-to-use file handling solution for both local and remote storage, promoting efficient data management, retrieval, and storage across various storage mediums.


-> Validator

A robust validation engine for scrutinizing (input) data, ensuring data integrity and adherence to specified validation rules, promoting a reliable and error-resistant application.