->> Logging <<-

Embark on a digital trail with the Logging module, your trusted companion in capturing the whispers of code, be it a gentle information or a critical outcry. Access this singleton harbinger of messages via C::Logging()->..., and unveil the tales of your application's odyssey.

->> Methods and Examples


This class extends the Psr LoggingInterface, so you can use this class like any other standard logger:

Method Syntax Description / Use Case
withName withName(string $name): Logging Add a log entry with a custom name.
debug debug(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Detailed debug information.
emergency emergency(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void System is unusable.
alert alert(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Action must be taken immediately.
critical critical(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Critical conditions.
error error(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Runtime errors that do not require immediate action.
warning warning(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Exceptional occurrences that are not errors.
notice notice(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Normal but significant events.
info info(Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Interesting events.
log log($level, Stringable $message, array $context = []): void Logs with an arbitrary level.

-> Examples

// Adding a log entry with a custom name:
C::Logging()->withName('foobar')->alert('Test Message');

// Detailed debug information:
C::Logging()->debug('Debug message', $contextArray);

// System is unusable:
C::Logging()->emergency('System failure');

// And so forth for other log levels...

-> Events

If you want to implement an action if a specific log level entry is logged, you can simply add an EventListener.

At each logging an event is fired in module Logging, name is the log level, for example emergency.

->> Conclusion

Harness the eloquence of the Logging module to chronicle the voyage of your application through the code cosmos. Tailor the log entries with custom names, or categorize them with varied levels of urgency. The debug bar, when enabled, becomes a window to the log entries, enriching your debugging endeavors. Venture forth, with the Logging module guarding the annals of your code journey.