->> Validator <<-

In the realms of code, validation is the silent guardian, the watchful protector that ensures order amidst the chaos of data influx. The Validator module, a vigilant sentinel, stands ready to scrutinize the data, ensuring it adheres to the established laws of your digital dominion. Access this bastion of validation via C::Validator()->..., and let no errant data trespass unchallenged.

->> Built-in Validation Functions

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The Validator module is equipped with a cadre of built-in functions forged to battle common validation adversaries. Here are some of them illustrated:

$isValidEmail = C::Validator()->validateEmail('[email protected]');
$isValidURL = C::Validator()->validateUrl('https://example.com');

You can use these built-in methods, each returning true or false, depending if the value is valid or not:

Description Method
Validate an email address validateEmail($email)
Validate a domain validateDomain($domain)
Validate a mac address validateMacAddress($mac)
Validate a URL validateUrl($url, $pathRequired, $queryRequired)

->> Extending the Validation Arsenal with Respect-Validator

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Beyond the built-in arsenal, the Validator module allies with the formidable Respect-Validation, expanding its validation repertoire to over 150 validations. Summon this ally with C::Validator()->create(), and command its extensive validation powers as illustrated below:

// Extended validation:
$isValid = C::Validator()->create()
    ->between(new DateTime('yesterday'), new DateTime('tomorrow'))
    ->validate(new DateTime('now'));  // true

C::Validator()->create()->stringVal()->between('a', 'f')->validate('d'); // true

Discover more about the Respect-Validator and its expansive validation armory in its documentation.

Since Respect-Validation is installed as a package you can also use it directly if you want to.

->> Conclusion

The Validator module is your steadfast companion in maintaining the integrity of your application's data. With its built-in validation functions, it valiantly guards against common validation adversaries. When the battle demands an extended validation arsenal, the Respect-Validator awaits your command, ready to validate with valor. Engage with the Validator module, and ensure that no errant data breaches the sanctity of your digital dominion.