->> Crown: The Automated Timekeeper <<-

In the vast realm of programming, time is a dimension where scheduled tasks reign. Crown, your loyal timekeeper, orchestrates these automated rituals, ensuring the consistent heartbeat of your application's chronology.

->> Installation

Embark on the journey by invoking the CLI Command bob cron:run every minute via your system's cron job or systemd timer. Here's a sample incantation for a cron job:

* * * * * /usr/bin/php /path/to/basedir/bob.php cron:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

->> Crafting a Cron Job

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Forge your cron jobs in the sacred halls of app/System/Jobs/Cron. Use the mystical blueprint command bob c:cj or derive your creation from this ancient scripture:

namespace App\Jobs\Cron;

use Charm\Crown\Cronjob;

class Demo extends Cronjob
    protected function configure(): void
        $this->setName('Demo command')

    public function run(): int
        // This will be executed every time this job runs.
        return self::SUCCESS;

->> The Sands of Time

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In the realm of Crown, time bends to your will, allowing you to schedule the invocation of your tasks with precision. Utilize the following incantations within the configure() method of your Cronjob class to set the rhythm of your tasks:

Method Description
runDaily($hour = 0, $min = 0) Daily invocation at the specified hour and minute
runHourly($min = 0) Hourly chant at the specified minute
runEveryHalfHour($offset = 0) Chime every half hour with an optional offset
runEveryQuarterHour($offset = 0) Quarter-hourly toll with an optional offset
runWeekly($day = 1, $hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly summon on a specified day, hour, and minute
runEveryMonday($hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly on Monday at specified hour and minute
runEveryTuesday($hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly on Tuesday at specified hour and minute
runEveryWednesday($hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly on Wednesday at specified hour and minute
runEveryThursday($hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly on Thursday at specified hour and minute
runEveryFriday($hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly on Friday at specified hour and minute
runEverySaturday($hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly on Saturday at specified hour and minute
runEverySunday($hour = 0, $min = 0) Weekly on Sunday at specified hour and minute
runMonthly($day = 1, $hour = 0, $min = 0) Monthly on a specified day, hour, and minute
runQuarterly($day = 1, $hour = 0, $min = 0) Quarterly on a specified day, hour, and minute
runYearly($month = 1, $day = 1, $hour = 0, $min = 0) Yearly on a specified month, day, hour, and minute
setSchedule($min = '*', $hour = '*', $dom = '*', $month = '*', $dow = '*') Craft your own temporal spell with a custom schedule

Each method beckons the Crown to awaken your tasks at the destined time, engraving your intentions onto the fabric of the cosmos.

Keep in mind that the Crown system uses cron notation as well. So you can set ranges and values just like in your crontab.

->> Conclusion

With Crown, you've not just a tool, but a loyal timekeeper, ensuring that your tasks are summoned in precise accordance with the cosmic clock, letting you focus on conquering other realms in the vast universe of development.