->> Server & Session <<-

Embark upon a journey where the realms of the server and session are your domains to command. The Server and Session modules serve as your loyal companions in navigating the server-environment and session-state waters. Through the gateway C, access these singleton sentinels by invoking C::Server()->... and C::Session()->.... Traverse the server variables and session data with eloquence, using the dot notation to delve into nested realms, making get('bar.baz') your key to $_SERVER['bar']['baz'] and $_SESSION['bar']['baz'].

->> Server Module


The Server module is your protocol droid, interpreting and presenting server variables ($_SERVER) at your behest.

-> Public Methods

Method Syntax Description Return Type
get get(string $key, mixed $default = null): mixed Retrieves a server variable. mixed
has has(string $key): bool Checks the existence of a server variable. bool
getAll getAll(): array Retrieves all server variables. array

-> Examples

// Retrieving a server variable:
$serverName = C::Server()->get('SERVER_NAME');

// Checking the existence of a server variable:
$hasRemoteAddr = C::Server()->has('REMOTE_ADDR');

// Retrieving all server variables:
$allServerVars = C::Server()->getAll();

->> Session Module


The Session module, your trusted session manager, ensures seamless session state maintenance across your galactic endeavors.

This gives you convenient access to $_SESSION.

It also handles the creation of a new session on this framework's init process.

-> Public Methods

Method Syntax Description Return Type
destroy destroy() Destroys the current session. bool
refresh refresh() Refreshes the current session. bool
get get(string $key, mixed $default = null) Retrieves a session value. mixed
has has(string $key) Checks if a session value exists. bool
set set(string $key, mixed $value) Sets a session value. void
delete delete(string $key) Deletes a session value. void
checkFingerprint checkFingerprint() Validates the browser fingerprint to prevent session hijacking. bool
all all() Retrieves all session data. array

-> Examples

// Destroying the current session:
$sessionDestroyed = C::Session()->destroy();

// Refreshing the current session:
$sessionRefreshed = C::Session()->refresh();

// Retrieving, setting, and deleting a session value:
$sessionId = C::Session()->get('session_id');
C::Session()->set('session_id', 'new_value');

// Validating the browser fingerprint:
$fingerprintValid = C::Session()->checkFingerprint();

// Retrieving all session data:
$allSessionData = C::Session()->all();

->> Conclusion

With the Server and Session modules at your disposal, you possess the keys to the kingdom of server and session management. Whether interrogating server variables or preserving session state, these modules are your steadfast allies. Mastering their methods, you unlock the doors to robust, secure, and intuitive interaction with the server environment and session state, propelling your applications through the stars.